About Natalie Fiore

Measurements 44-28-36
Bra Size 36-G
Height 5' 5"
Weight 137 lbs.

A SCORE fan suggested to charming and fun-loving Natalie Fiore in 2006 that she model with the company that specialized in big-busted women so looking into his suggestion, Natalie checked out SCORELAND and was interested. She'd been thinking about modeling and was always being asked in France if she modeled. At the time, Natalie measured 36DDD. Over time, Natalie's breasts have grown bigger and bigger and at last measure after she gave birth in 2014, her tits were a massive 40HH. At NatalieFiore.com, the progression of her breast growth is shown in all of their glory, from beginning to her latest photo shoots and videos.

Natalie Fiore was voted #18 in SCORELAND's "20 For 20" contest in 2012. This contest was about the 20 greatest models in SCORE history as voted by members and magazine readers.

Natalie remembered growing up with big boobs. "I was 14. I remember I was in school and I was so embarrassed and ashamed of my big boob size. Nobody was like me. I was like the mascot of the high school and I tried to hide my boobs under oversized T-shirts and loose-fitting clothes. Then one day I realized I had no reason to hide them. I should be proud of them and I think they are a part of my charm, so now I want to show them to the world."

And Natalie Fiore did exactly what she wanted to do.