A sexy lady from France

A sexy lady from France

In a letter to SCORE, J.E. wrote about actually spotting Natalie totally by chance and walking over to introduce himself. This is an inspirational letter that's worth repeating. We can't run his photos without a release but having seen them, we can vouch for their authenticity.

"I was vacationing in the south of France last month and had an amazing encounter. One evening I noticed two hot girls walking in front of me and talking to each other in French. They turned to go into a seaside cafe and I couldn't believe my eyes...she had huge, perfectly shaped breasts that were straining against the buttons of her blouse, and an incredibly erotic face. Then it hit me...she looked exactly like Natalie Fiore!!!!! My heart started to race and I heard someone's voice say, "Excuse me, are you Natalie Fiore?" I only realized it was my own voice when she turned to me, looked at me with her clear brown eyes and smiled. "Yes I am Natalie," she said. I was blushing and stammering and…
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: March 25th, 2023
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Paradise in a tropical paradise

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