French Brick House

French Brick House

Natalie is now shoehorning her fantastic "teets" into a G-cup hooter holster! Amazing events do happen from time to time and this is one of them. Is it all that French cooking? French wine? Or just a late growth spurt? Whatever the direct, scientific reason for Natalie's bigger chest, we're happy. And SCORE Men are even happier after Natalie emailed us to tell us about the happy event and that she wanted to appear in fresh pictures and videos. Summed up, she looks sexier than ever. "I've popped my nuts countless times over Natalie since her first pictorial and the Naughty In Nassau DVD. I must have played her scenes a hundred times. I love how she talks when she's playing with her boobs," writes K.L.
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2 years ago 
Boobs look so much better wet. Me likey!

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