Glowing Housewife

Glowing Housewife

Natalie is one of the 20 greatest naturals of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines who began her career in 2006. She recently took things a step further by posing preggers, and it was all for her many fans. Only a few girls have done this, Lorna Morgan, Shyla Shy and Melissa Mandlikova among them.

The last time we saw Natalie at XL Girls, she was seven months pregnant. We're happy to report that Mr. Stork has delivered his special bundle of joy to Natalie. Both mama and babe are well and happy in Fiore Land. Guess we can now call Natalie a hot MILF!

We returned to visit Natalie after she gave birth, cameras at the ready. Natalie's big tits are as massive as ever and her postpartum baby belly is shrinking as her baby-phat diminishes. This return scene taps into Natalie's new life-role as a mommy. That means lots of domestic chores like house cleaning, ironing and all that jazz.

Even with their new schedules, many new moms find themselves so horny they need to take five and fap one…
Featuring: Natalie Fiore
Date: February 4th, 2023
Photos: 36

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