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When Natalie Fiore opens the door in this video and steps through the doorway, the odds are good that you'll do a double-take. That's because her massive tits, cradled by her half-cup brassiere, create this incredible boob-shelf she could serve breakfast on. The combination of her amazingly rich, ripe body, her seductive eye-contact and personality, and her supersexy verbal talents in tit-chat result in videos that just suck you in and grab you by the horns. Natalie has all of the qualities that make a solo video a special event. "I love her sexual energy! 1000% Woman!" comments a fan who grasped Natalie's charisma and magnetic allure. There are some women who make you feel as if you are the only man in the world and Natalie is one of them. That's why she's #6 in the Best of the Decade and consistently in the Top 20 in the Model Directory. She's so hot, she should be available by prescription only!
Natalie, whose birthday is February 10th, arrives in Nassau. It's cloudy and rainy but who cares? Natalie is the main attraction, not the weather. Natalie gets into her birthday suit in the back seat of the auto taking her to the house she'll be staying in. The way she says the word "teets" and the sheer size of those "teets" has already prepared everyone to fall in love. Natalie has an interesting personality too. She's coy, bold, teasing, assertive, shy, daring and brazen, all in one sophisticated mix. "Those breasts of hers really are a breast lover's dream," wrote Dan, a SCORE reader.
There's a new marshall in town and her name is Natalie Fiore. She's riding high in Nassau. So who needs a horse? A cream-covered tee-shirt will do just fine. You'll see. "I love when men stare," says Natalie, who takes a great deal of pride in her twin peaks. "I like to be the center of attention. I usually don't wear bras. At home, I'm topless. I wore bras for some of my photo shoots. I like to wear casual jeans and tight tops that show plenty of my deep cleavage." "I like reading, going to the beach, going to the theater and going out with my friends to a disco and having fun. I love the beach and the ocean. I am very outgoing so I like to be around people and go to places where there are many people to see and mingle with."
Mademoiselle Fiore prepares to bathe and sets the mood by lining the bathroom with candles. She wears a fine-mesh dress that looks way too sexy to wear in public without the Royal Marines as her bodyguards. Natalie soaps her exquisite hangers, paying extra attention to her pointy, hyper-sensitive nipples. Natalie plays with her sheer outfit, wrapping it around her tits like a rope before tossing if off completely. Rolling a hand towel into a cylinder, Natalie places it in her deep cleavage. As she continues to wash her tits in the tub, Natalie gets more and more boobalicious, shaking her precious girls hands-free, the creamy white suds flying off them. It is truly a mouthwatering sight. SCORE reader L.E. emailed about this scene and said, "I would have drank that bathwater."
We know it, and by now so do you, Natalie just knows how to treat a guy. In this chapter of Naughty In Nassau, go on a date with Natalie and meet her in the privacy of her beachside hideaway. "I guess I'm kind of a mystery," Natalie admitted. "I love sex and I am very open about it, but I am selective and I won't jump into bed with just any guy who comes along, I don't care how handsome he is, or rich or anything else. I have to want him, respect him and get to know him at least some. Then, watch out!" When Natalie finally decided to show off her body, she was just as selective in deciding who to work with.
Natalie has settled into her beachside house and the staff is there to document every boobalicious moment that the European covergirl spends there. Natalie is a natural with or without a camera present. She enjoys relating to the breast-man and she has a lot of charisma. When she speaks, it feels like she is speaking individually to everyone. In this scene from Naughty In Nassau, Natalie slips out of her tight dress to expose the skimpy bikini underneath. She sips a Mojito on the luxurious veranda of this tropical paradise. Notice how she takes a small piece of ice out of her drink and rubs it on her body. Natalie brings a European sensibility to her sexual charisma...elegant, smooth and sophisticated.